Punched My Conservative Button

Imagine you’re a business heavily dependent on your advertising for your success. Then your ad agency goes sour. The copy becomes banal, the art boring, the sales results dismal. So you think, “I better change ad agencies!”

Well, if you are in Britain that might be a really unproductive move, all because of a new rule

The rule, imposed by the British government in April, could require an advertising agency taking on new business to hire employees who worked on the account at the client's former agency, lawyers say. While the law is intended to protect workers, they add, it threatens to make advertising account shifts prohibitively expensive, or simply counterproductive. Agencies worry that they will be unable to pitch for new business, and they fear that clients won't want to move their accounts.

"Clients move from one agency to another to get new people, not to keep the same ones," said Marina Palomba, legal director at the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, a trade group.

In theory, the regulation could also affect other professional services like law firms, accountants and consultants, lawyers say.

Now ain’t that government run amok? I’m all for protecting workers’ rights, but this is absurd.

Read the whole piece in the International Herald Tribune http://www.iht.com


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