Root Canali

Just had my first yesterday. Very high tech; very expensive. 893 bucks for 24 minutes in the chair. But think of the fringes I received.

1. Good looking people - handsome young dentist, gorgeous young tech.
2. Great ambiance - Japanese decor, snow falling on bamboo garden with smiling Buddha.
3. High tech stuff - digital X-rays, fast acting anesthetic.

The dentist was charming but very succinct - after all, at $37 a minute, one mustn't dawdle.

The practice "Advanced Endodontics" has two dentists, two techs, two receptionists and does nothing but canal roots and coin money.

My tooth is "calming down," still painful but a helluva lot better.

The only moral to the story is "Get dental insurance."


Anonymous said…
U got off cheap -- try paying the monthly premium for dental insurance!

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