The Walter Reed Situation… The Shame of It All

I hope you have read – or heard about in detail – the marvelous reporting by Dana Priest and Anne Hull of the Washington Post on the miserable way nearly a thousand U.S. Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans are being treated in and around Walter Reed Army Medical Center. It’s a horror story in many ways, but it is especially slimy considering the responsible party has made “support our troops” its mantra. Something about hypocrisy makes me madder than just about any human weirdness.

I don’t mean The Republican Party either. This is the George W. Bush Administration failing our vets. Republicans in general are one helluva lot better that this administration. Of course we can’t let the Republicans off the hook, because they let this gang of two-faced incompetents and their cynical ideologues take control of the G.O.P.

The inhumanities at Walter Reed are just part of the story, of course. The under funded, understaffed, overworked and totally inadequate-to-the-task Veterans’ Administration is the shame of our times. The same Bush administration that demands multiple tours with little turnaround time is making our troops wait months for services they need immediately from the V.A. by not funding it adequately. All the while they snarl, “support our troops” at anyone critical of their failures.

The still new Democratic Congress had better ramp up “oversight” in a hurry. Then strap on some cojones and take action!


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