Canadian Health Care Better and Cheaper

Inject this, anti-universal-health-care people!

The most common argument from the right wing “free market” health care advocates is “just look at Canada.” Well a big, well-designed research project (I should know – 30 years owning a market research company) did just that. Guess what? Canadians spend half as much per capita and get the same or better results as the U.S.A. See an abstract of the study at:

Here’s a press summary from The Toronto Star:

Apr 17, 2007; Anne-Marie Tobin; Canadian press

"In looking at patients in Canada with a specific diagnosis compared to Americans with the same diagnosis, in Canada patients had at least as good an outcome as their American counterparts – and in many situations, a better health outcome," said one of the 17 authors, Dr. P.J. Devereaux, a cardiologist and clinical epidemiologist at McMaster University in Hamilton.

"And that is important because in the United States, they're currently spending a little over $7,100 per individual on health care annually, whereas in Canada we're spending a little over $2,900 per individual annually," he said in a telephone interview from Brantford, Ont.

Our health care costs continue to skyrocket. Insurance companies, middle men and pharmaceutical companies (NOT doctors) are raking in profits and spending a lot of them lobbying the feds not to mess with their cash cow herd.

Write your Representative & Senators. Do it! Votes are almost as valuable as donations.


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