Road Recycling

Old roads are frequently abandoned for new ones. The old ones sometimes just sit there, aging, cracking and succumbing to weeds. Grass and trees take decades or more to reclaim the ground.

On the old Duffstead, we just finished dealing with a new-road-for-old situation. Driveways, actually, but same same. The new one has better drainage and gives us a better shot of getting up a steep hill when it snows. The old driveway cut across a corner of our land, isolating a good quarter of an acre from the rest of the meadow.

So we decided to recycle the dern thing. (We are committed recyclers of metals, paper, glass, etc.). First we contributed the gravel and basecoat of the old drive to the new one. The road builder scraped it down to the dirt, moving all the rock to the new drive.

Then we disc-ed the old roadbed with our mighty tractor.

Then we cut the seed heads – a big grocery sack full – from several of our wild grasses just as they were releasing their spring seeds. And we bought 10 pounds of “mountain mix” wild grass seeds to supplement our harvest. Good Wife Dr. Duff mixed the seeds with (organic, of course) compost and sowed the stuff over the disc-disturbed roadbed.

Showers are forecast for the evening. If they come, and if they are actually showers, not gully-washers, we have a chance of seeing seedlings soon.

I’ll give you a follow-up report.

*That's not our house.


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