Dan Rather Sues for Truth

An honest Rather mistake

Dan Rather's $70 mil lawsuit against CBS might be something of a biggie in terms of defining "the corporate media," it seems. I strongly feel this label needs defining, since the Right blithely labels the very same companies "the liberal media." (Talk jockey Rush Limbaugh calls them the "drive-by media," confusing all but hardcore dittoheads.)

The most exhaustive review of the whole Rather/CBS/Whitehouse/Pentagon substance is in Salon today (Sept 27, '07) as Sidney Blumenthal gets after it in gate. He addresses the point that has seriously bugged me ever since the "W stiffs his National Guard Service" story was smothered under allegations of one piece of evidence being bogus, the memo allegedly from Col. Jerry Killian. That point is that the story about Bush skipping his duty was true and proven by many other pieces of evidence.

In the context of the whole "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" dirty tricks extravaganza, having this truth about W buried as it was - and with the full complicity of "the corporate media" - just bugged me. Seriously.

Oh, and Dan is suing about how CBS repressed the Abu Ghraib story too.

Now will it all come out? Will the corporate, liberal, drive-by media cover it fairly? Watch, listen and read.


Sam Johnson said…
Good stuff... as always.
Sam J.

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