What Do Bullies Do?

(...Because there are no lobbyists for them - and they can't make huge politcal contributions. And Republicans have no regard for the little guy these days.)


Food stamps, perhaps the logo for the littlest guys, are dwindling just as the need is growing.

Purchasing power for most salaried and hourly employees is flat or diminishing.

Veterans (overwhelmingly "little guys") with PTSD are under-diagnosed and under treated. Veteran care in
general is a mess. Private "contractor" soldiers get paid ten times as much as soldiers in our voluntary armed services.

40+ million Americans have no health insurance. Health care costs are hyper-inflating. Over a third of our
health care dollars go to insurance companies' administration, executive salaries and shareholder profits. (Insurance companies have A LOT of lobbyists and make HUGE political contributions.)

National Institutes of Health
are losing federal funding. Plus the Forest Service, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the EPA, .... all are all losing funding.

The national debt is growing like wildfire, loading all our kids with numbing burdens in the future. The
Republicans have run up the largest one-administration debt in history.

Big credit card companies shoot up interest rates on customers whose credit scores fall (and for several other
displaced "credit risk" indicators) -- even if they are paying their credit card bills on time. This causes disasterous cascading effects from layoffs, medical ermergencies, gas prices, etc., all of which affect the least rich the most. There is no regulatory restriction on this. Look for more "voluntary"... i.e. ineffectual... spin, CYA "self regulation" from the big banks caught at this shamelessness.

Some - occasionally most - of child support payments go to reduce "welfare debt," NOT to the children's

People too unsophisticated to evaluate their mortgage deals are the ones who get foreclosed on. There is
little regulatory protection against misleading, exploitive and fraudulent sales pressure from lenders.

The little guy is under astounding disadvantages. The Wall Street Journal points out that the wealthiest 1% of Americans earned 21.2% of all
income in 2005, according to new data from the Internal Revenue Service. The bottom 50% earned 12.8% of all income. But how does the new "economizing" in the Bush Administration happen?.... By depriving the little guy!

Meanwhile, the Bushies furiously fight to retain his tax breaks for the rich and the big corporations - particularly the oil biz - and to reduce government oversight of carnivorous private interests. But our compassionate conservative Prez must surely be worried about the little guy?




Sam Johnson said…
Good job Willis.
Sam J.
Sam Johnson said…
If I had know that this thing would put my picture on your Blog I would have commented sooner.
Sam J.

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