Can We Believe Those Lyin'....

Fool Me Once…..

[Excerpts from a article, interspersed with mild mannered commentary.]

Agriculture Secretary Edward T. Schafer is preparing to walk into a buzz saw of criticism over American biofuels policy when he meets with world leaders to discuss the global food crisis next week.

He’s carrying the Big Bush Talking Point, “Golly, ethanol from corn is only making a tiny difference in the price of food around the world.” See, the ethanol mandates and subsidies are just terrific for BS (Bush Supporters) in Big Ag, like Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill, Tyson and lots of millionaire big farmers. So the Bushies are going to fight hard against this new awareness that corn is a really bad feedstock for ethanol in terms of cost, climate benefits and unintended consequences. So…

Mr. Schafer took the offensive at a press conference on Thursday that discussed the food summit, planned for Rome. He said an analysis by the Agriculture Department had determined that biofuel production was responsible for only 2 to 3 percent of the increase in global food prices, while biofuels had reduced consumption of crude oil by a million barrels a day.

Yep, and the oil under Iraq is paying for all the expense of rebuilding, and the North Pole isn’t melting, and debt doesn’t matter. And if you believe those, you’ll believe “only 2 or 3 percent.”

Why should we believe the people who use bent facts and cherry-picked intelligence and a culture of secrecy and believe that propaganda is one of those means justified by the Neo-con end? Consider the source!

The Agriculture Department’s own longtime chief economist, Keith Collins, who retired in January, said that ethanol was the “foot on the accelerator” of corn demand — an essential feed for animals, as well as a part of many diets — and merited renewed debate. He said Congressional mandates for ethanol would require farmers to grow more corn for conversion to biofuel, at the expense of feed corn and other food crops.

One is tempted to give a big DUH!


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