Two More Strikes Against For-Profit Health Insurance

How many strikes does it take to strike OUT?

How about these?


Doctors (mostly primary care docs) hate ins. paperwork, want to quit

That's a very disheartening story from United Press International - UPI - about a huge survey of primary care physicians. Almost half say they are going to quit their profession or at least reduce their patient rosters. Of course, this is the very category of docs we need the most and have the biggest shortage of. Why this catastrophe?

"The reported reasons for the widespread frustration among doctors include: increased time spent dealing with non-clinical paperwork, difficulty receiving reimbursement from insurance companies and burdensome government regulations."


2. New International Survey: More Than Half of U.S. Chronically Ill Adults Skip Needed Care Due to Costs

Bottom line in this study: The U.S. is last of eight advanced nations in the quality of care for the chronically ill. And we spend the most out of pocket on the problem.

Americans aren't ignorant of how bad it is, either. Never mind all those politicians blindly saying we have "the best health care in the world." We know better:

"...the eight-country survey finds that U.S. patients are significantly more likely to call for fundamental change in their country's health care system, with a third saying the system needs to be rebuilt completely."

Or as the put it today (11.18.08), the U.S. is "The Wrong Place to Be Chronically Ill"

Just in case you don't know where the Scooter stands on this, check this out.

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