Why Are You Afraid of The Fairness Doctrine?

Because Rush, Sean, Laura, Michael et al TOLD YOU TO BE?
Jack S Margolis, lefty

Joe Pyne, righty
First hand report from Reality Radio

Long story short: 1965 - 1967 I was the Program Director at the country's first 24/7 telephone call-in radio station, KLAC in Los Angeles. It was a double barreled hoot.

The dreaded Fairness Doctrine was in full force. Results? Right wing talk was crushed? Noooo. We had Bob Grant spewing the precursor mud of Michael Savage and Sean Hannity. We had Joe Pyne, doing confrontational blitzing that makes Rush Limbaugh look like a wimp. We had Ray Briem, a calm, hard-right, all-night talker. These guys were tough, uncompromising Righties, and nothing in the Fairness Doctrine shut them up or even inhibited them.

AND we had left-wing talkers, including the hilarious Arbogast (Bob) and Margolis (Jack) and the stunning Jill (daughter of Dore) Schary Robinson doing passionate left wing and feminist talk on the weekends. We even had genius comic Mort Sahl whamming away at the Kennedy assassination investigation and other conspiracies he suspected. We had several apolitical talk jockies Danny Dark among them.

In other words, KLAC had balance. We were never concerned about being completely 50/50, we just made sure all sides had a voice. Horrors! Un-American!

KLAC was #1 with lots of important demographics. Didn't suffer a whit from actual fairness and balance.

The only real threat to KLAC was the John Birch Society. These intolerant Righties launched boycotts against our sponsors because the JBS wanted all-Righty stations only. Just like they finally got all over the AM band. Goodbye Fairness Doctrine.

So don't listen to the fear mongers of Righty radio who dread the return of the F.D. and the very thought of genuine fairness and balance. Don't listen to the Evangelical religious broadcasters who fear it. 

Bring back actual "Fair & Balanced" radio.  Support the return of the Fairness Doctrine. It's only fair.


Anonymous said…
You left brainiacs can't compete, so you turn to the nanny state to make up for it. There's "fair" and there is right. The right is right.

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