Health Insurance Being HONEST?

Er....I mean...

The bizarre PriceWaterhouse Coopers "research" released by American's Health Insurance Plans (the health insurance industry) is the perfect argument for the PUBLIC OPTION.

Check out their conclusions as you can by any media report or direct reference to their "research."

I keep putting that in quotes because research it ain't. It is skewed, selective "fact" choice and strongly biased conclusions meant to frighten Americans into seeing healthcare reform as the bigbadboogieman. I hope we are a society too savvy to fall for that emotional BS.

But non-fear-laden conclusions from what they say about private insurance premiums in light of the Baucus Committee bill (sort of) say volumes about where the private health insurance companies are AT.

1. If they can't get a "safe" risk pool (98% of the population), they can't make their God-granted profit margin. (As it is, they create safe pools by weeding out the sick people with pre-existing condition restrictions, recission and other evil techniques.)

2. If they can't get their usual 27% skim off the money we invest for actual health care, they just won't put up with it! They will raise the premiums and YOU ARE SCREWED, Americans. They might say, "Because your government lackies have put zero price controls on us, we will raise the premiums just as much as we must to protect our profit margin."

I mean, they basically have said just that.

Hey, Washington. We must have a Public Option. The PIPs (Private Insurance Parasites) have just told us that without the competition of the Public Option, they will drive half the population into bankruptcy or catastrophic health crises.

Just a little rant.


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Oh, come on, "author;" what did you say?
Oh, come on, "author;" what did you say?

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