Facing my limits

86 is a "B" Isn't It?

An oft repeated thing I say (and have said and said) is: "I discovered the limits of my brain's capacity in differential equations." Usually I'm explaining how I went through four majors and five years at four universities without winning a degree. (Then I say, "a broad, shallow education.")

It's no small thing to actually have a hard number on your limits. But now I have one. 86. Oh, not that I don't strive for and occasionally reach, say, 90. But it never holds up long.

The measuring metric is - get this - FreeCell Solitaire. Note:

Squint hard, and you will see the "86%." Wins, that is.

That, by the way, is up from 80% at about 500 games, begging the question, "How much time do you waste on FreeCell?" Well, Duffer?

If I hit 90%, I'll give you an update.


Duff said…
Personally, I don't think that free cell is an idea metric as it only deals with the particular intelligence required for the type of probability related to the mathematical problm that it presents.

I made it through differential equations, advanced differential equations and partial differential equations and I such at free cell.

Perhaps if I played it regularly I might improve but I will not measure the other many dimensions of the vast brain machine by my free cell score.

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