To Heck With the Big Guys

Someone close to me was one of those victims of Wells Fargo (Could have been B of A or J.P. Morgan Chase, any of the Big Guys... ) charged $35 each for several overdrafts on his debit card before he caught on what was happening. As a college student, $35 here and there amounts to a big deal.

And of course I'm groused out about how the big banks are exploiting credit card holders, not lending like they should, soaking up public funds, overpaying their executives, lobbying against reasonable regulations, etc.

So we decided to take our meager funds out of Wells Fargo and put them in a local credit union. And that was BEFORE Huffington Post came up with the "Move Your Money" campaign.

But I really like how Huffington approaches this. Check it out here. Chances are, you will actually save money by moving it to a credit union or a locally owned bank.

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Neville Mamon said…
It's the truth. Wells Fargo are Crooks of the first degree. A pox upon them.

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