The Biggest News on Earth

Geometric Growth!

"Modern science is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and the amount of scientific data is doubling every year."

And that's the biggest story I can find anywhere. The quote is from the 27 August issue of Science Magazine, but their reference is back to a 2005 paper. If you Google (or any other search engine) "Scientific data doubles every year" you'll see what I mean.

It's enough to make you optimistic.


the 933K CHiCK said…
with the advent of the new technology these days especially the internet, not only scientific data is doubling but also the speed at which data is disseminated. the information "population" is growing and is this good or bad? hmm..we'll can be noticed how data spreads like a virus and how perhaps the "antifungal" factor would be losing the internet..don't u agree?
Anonymous said…
this is funny
CHiCK, I dunno, losing the Internet would be like an anti-fungal powder that eats you feet. I think the good/bad scale leans "bad" only with bogus data.

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