Lots of Infrastructure Recommendations

This morning's (July 22, 2014) the Washington Post has another thought piece on one of my fav topics, When the Robots Do All the Work, What Will We Humans Do?  Check it out here.

Naturally I responded with:

One point: Infrastructure work, even with the best computer guided gear, still takes many folks. Bury all power and communications lines, upgrade every sewage system to recycle water, rebuild the roads for robocars/trucks, build the space beanstalks, thin and control burn the forests, pipe water from floods to drylands and recharge the aquifers, train a corps of nutrition teachers, make school more compelling - fun even… Oh there's plenty of work to do with our hands and our minds.

BUT I go a lot further in me new book A Reluctant god.  Look for 99% of the population living in "The Dream Game," where work is fun, learning is inevitable, creativity is its own reward, and warfare saves our welfare (butts).

Check it out (no, BUY it!) at Amazon or Smashwords.


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