That Fading Christmas Spirit

The War Over Christmas

The rightest of rightwing memes is "the war on Christmas," allegedly being waged by the godless left. Maybe that's why I just can't whip up the spirit.

There must be a war going on somewhere around this sacred holiday, 'cause something has almost done in my Christmas spirit.  This is serious.  That lovely warm glow that has always accompanied the season and fogged out some of the distress of everything from shopping to watching the news has abandoned me this year.  First time ever.

Maybe it is the news itself.  Sixty million folks displaced by war, famine, terror and the like.

That would be about the population of England or France, or Italy. When I think of all those folks, the kids, the grandparents, the moms and dads, so totally out of luck, it makes a trip to Target seem, I don't know, un-spiritual.

And politics! Great heavens, what craziness abounds from the Republicans. They have become untethered from facts, science and ... truth.

If anyone has the temerity to point that out, unleash the haters!

Whooee, say something negative about Donald Trump, and his supporters will gush a muckload of unprintable ire all over your head.

The world is beginning to convulse with climate spasms, and it's getting worse fast.

As Brother Obama noted yesterday, the Repubs are the only major political party the world denying man made climate change.

And our "recovery" from Bush's Recession is such a weak kneed one that millions of red-blooded Americans are feeling a bit anemic from job loss, income loss, home loss and vicious disdain from the 1%.

A record breaking number of 35-60 year old white guys are not even looking for work anymore, and a bunch of them are just shooting themselves. Literally.

So when I strive to feel all Christmasy, this year I fail. Fox "News" has it right. There is a war on Christmas, just not by those snarky Democrats they always blame.



Duff said…
I hear you. There is a time for prayer. For me it is nearly constant. The sum of our intents has an impact in the field of quantum entanglements. Let us not allow the vision of few thousand sociopaths to dim the greatness of what can be with the persistence of heart centered vision and action for a better world. Let us use our talents as best we can to be the change that makes a difference. Sometimes, we have to be like Rocky and simply never give up, in this case hope, faith and vision. Easier said than done, but we are magnificent beings capable of greatness and where many gather together in prayer and awareness, change is inevitable. That is my Sunday best during this Christmas season. I like to Jesus for his example and not the religions that often corrupt his message are exploit his name for purposes he never intended. Love one another, forgive everyone, even your enemies, but be willing to die for what you know to be true. Where we can help another materially, let us and where we can not then let us go into our hearts and send energy. The infinite is around, surrounding and interpenetrating each of us and therefore our thoughts and feeling affect all as all affects us. We are more powerful than we believe. Visualize strongly the world we wish to live in and believe it is already so with a deep feeling gratitude and love. This is the most powerful form of prayer.

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