Zika = Abortion Explosion

What's a "Pro-Lifer" to do?

"Aedes aegypti" feeding on a human, Photo Courtesy:  CDC Public Image Library, Taken by J. Gathany
Thanks in part to slow thinking House Republicans, the zika virus is about to invade the U.S. South and bring  a plague of Biblical proportions.

Every pregnant woman's baby-to-be will be threatened with horrible birth defects, life destroying defects.

Without massive intervention, a whole generation of children and their families will be deeply scarred. Microcephaly is but the most obvious, and there are more and more discoveries of tragic impacts of this mosquito-borne disease.
What is the obvious response to, say, an ultrasound examination that reveals a badly damaged fetus?

What would you do? Especially what would you do if you are a profound pro-lifer? What do you expect your religious and political pro-life leaders to say?


A pro-choice person will undoubtedly suffer the deep pain anyone experiences at this horrible decision, then she will go ahead and get the abortion (even if it means traveling to another state) rather than bring the poor little thing into a cursed existence - and do endless damage to her own life.

Prediction:  Abortions in the Bible Belt will skyrocket, since that area gets the mosquitoes first and longest. Anti-abortionists abound in the Bible Belt. Their deepest held convictions will be sorely challenged. How will they respond?

I believe things will change in the abortion debate. Rape, incest, the mother's health - the conditions that do not justify abortion in many pro-life minds - will be supplanted by "zika defects," and it is an excruciating escalation of the argument.

Bottom Line

Zika will rewrite the abortion fight. I don't know exactly how, but it will be a MAJOR rewrite.

Oh... and how about the birth control fight, Little Sisters of the Poor?

Photos from Public Domain sources.


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