Anti-Aging Pills Aplenty

Nicotinamide Riboside, Etc., Etc. Etc.....

In the longevity extender greyhound race (the real rabbit is healthy life extension), there are a few contenders running around the track.

We don't realize the rabbit we're chasing is fake.  But hey...*

Those in the race

There's resveratrol from red wine grapes, peanuts, blueberries and a bunch more foods.

There's trans-resveratrol from Japanese knotweed. (Not weed!)

And Pterostilbene, a variant on resveratrol.

And Metformin, the well tolerated treatment for diabetes.

Plus Rapamycin (prescription), the immunosuppressant used in organ transplants. (This one's kind of scary to me - side effects and all. 

Now COMING UP FROM BEHIND is Nicotinamide Riboside. 
This one sprang into general awareness thanks to the entrepreneur's magazine Fast Company. They had a youthifying headline:

One Of The World's Top Aging Researchers Has A Pill To Keep You Feeling Young

The top researcher is a good marketer and sells this version of Nicotinamide Riboside (henceforth NR) as "Elysium" and differentiates itself from your run-of-the-bogus life extension nostrums by branding itself as "health extension."  The packaging looks more like high end cosmetics than the typical supplement to further distance themselves from pedestrian supplements.

Since the powerful publicity of this piece catapulted the Elysium brand of NR into marketing Arcadia, others have leapt into the NR space. Live Cell Research is the most aggressive marketer among the interlopers. They are cheaper, eschew fancy packaging and do most of their advertising in the very personalized e-mail format. With all the good press NR is getting, look for more competition.

After the Fast Company story came a Scientific American super positive piece.

Then, lo and behold, came that ultimate credibility stamp, Science Magazine. Although they made it clear that the specific experiments they reported were on mice, there was plenty of implication that this looked promising for humans.

So look into it. Read these pieces and decide. Maybe you should work a little NR into your supplement mix.  I have, and I'll report my experience after I'm convinced I've had one.



Anonymous said…
Well? We're waiting! Should we blow our hard-earned money on this particular snake oil, or not?
LowCarb333 said…
Yes, can you report anything of consequence?
Yep to both. I'm on the verge (pending procrastination) of reporting on how I'm feeling and how I felt before I started the Great Ingest. Pretty positive stuff.
Hey, Anon and LowCarb, FINALLY I reported. Look to the post, "Am I getting any younger?" above.

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