OK, now you've made me mad. (Again)

I've said a few times in this collection of mini-commentaries that the Right seems to be nastier than the Left. Check this out.

And since Ann Coulter is the cause of my current madness, be advised I said this about her over a decade ago:

The Mother Superior of demonizers on the right is Ann Coulter. Her new book "The Church of Liberalism - Godless" paints all "Libs" with one tar soaked brush. She could have worked for any of the great Demonizers of the past. She would have been a star of the Inquisition or - need I say it - she would have been a fine lieutenant for Joseph Goebbels. She gets the right wing Medal of Honor for slimy propaganda. She is the Big Lie boogie queen.

I.e., there isn't much new for me to add except to double down on the "big lie" part. It's the same kind of lie she (and Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, et al) tell all the time, puking untruthful generalities about at least half of all U.S. citizens. 

Here's her latest - in support of DJTrump attacking the proven innocence of the "Central Park Five."

Ann Coulter argued, “liberals are opposed to rape in the abstract, but when it comes to actual rapists, they’re all for them.”

Yep, we liberals are all for those rapists. What provably wrong, ridiculous, nasty, slimy political slander. And massive, lying B.S.!

So once again, "She gets the right wing Medal of Honor for slimy propaganda. She is the Big Lie boogie queen."

She probably likes that title.


Oh, and this is what she (and all rightwingnutcases) look like. Not to lie and generalize...

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Stephan Helgesen said…
Ann Coulter sticks under Liberals' skins and is the female Right equivalent of a combination of nasties like Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Neera Tanden, Hillary Rosen and a few others. She pushes the envelope into the very gray area where personal insults and truth live. Love her or hate her you can't ignore her as her books are everywhere. She is a perfect example of why the First Amendment exists.
Putting Maddow in your "contra" example list is extraordinarily blind. I wonder if you ever watch her. I'll have to look up Neera and Hillary R, but I'm betting it's very hard to find anyone on the leftier side of things who matches Coulter in the nasty generalizations game. I cheer for the First, I boo those who misuse it... Milo, Katie, Savage, Alex et al.

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