FIRST (small but impressive) HUMAN TEST OF NR!

The Mice Were Right

NR (Nicotinamide Rhiboside) is the current star supplement in the Longer-Healthier-Life category (see piece below), but the vast majority of actual scientific testing of the vitamin has been on mice (and yeast, but hey...).

Now real scientists have tested it on real people and reported in a real, peer reviewed journal, Nature Communications, part of the British behemoth, Nature.

It's a small-sample study, but impressive nonetheless.  It is a part safety/side effects study and part proof-of-concept one.

The news is all good. Even at four times what was thought to be the "regular" dosage, there are zero short term side effects.  And the presumed effect (seen in mice and yeast) of boosting the helpful NAD+ is clearly proven in humans.

If you are into reading incomprehensible biochemistry, check it out here.

You can read a less intimidating summary of what NAD+ does here.


Next up in aging fixes is Senescent Cell Removal.

I'll keep track of this best I can and report now and then.  Stay tuned, you who would live longer, healthier lives.

*Graphic source: The Secret of Nimh 


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