Take This Test!

... Ok, most folks don't like "tests," but this one is quite educational

and it's on a subject of vital importance, particularly as we analyze the "fear, fear, fear... fear everywhere and everything" mantra of the Trump administration. The Christian Science Monitor is the source, wanting you to know what you know about stuff like:
     Think there might be some Sharia Law hiding under your bed?
     Think there might be a Fatwa out on you demanding castration?
 You get my drift.

How much do you know about Islam and violence? Take the quiz  
 Here's the test

The Christian Science Journal is one of the best newspapers in the country for straight up, uncompromising journalism, IMHO.  I mean, Rupert Murdoch doesn't own it yet. And God knows (literally) that they are honest practitioners of the craft of getting it right.

(Full disclosure: My favorite great aunt "Gingy" was a Christian Scientist - a Reader, yet! - so I might be prejudiced.)

P.S. I got a miserable 67% right on the "test."

*Pix credit: duff freehand


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