Is it big, important medical news in the Mar 3 Science?

Heaven knows we need some good news, amidst all the crashing cymbals of budget cuts to science, environmental, medical and basic research, Meals on Wheels, for God's sake and the destruction of the opioid recovery efforts addressing a current plague.

It's not just the desire for a beat with a little bit of up in it, it's the hunger for distraction from the drumbeat of marching feet toward the past that never was, leaving the present in shambles.

Enough bemoaning! On to the good news.  [Which, BTW, I have not seen the "Mainstream Media" mention this, not even adjacent to stories about the opioid epidemic. Maybe I just missed it.]

The headline in Science Magazine (main journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, y'know) might be part of the reason the MSM, besotted with Trumpishness, hasn't jumped all over this:

A nontoxic pain killer 
designed by modeling of 
pathological receptor conformations

Catchy, eh?  How about
with no side effects, 
no addiction

Holy smokes! An effective pain killer that doesn't lead to Oxycontin, then to heroin, then to the Big OD.

Also, it doesn't cause: sedation, apnea, nausea, constipation, respiratory depression OR ulcers, bleeding, addiction, myocardial infarction or stroke!  That's a list of not-infrequent side effects of the opioids that can actually stop powerful pain.

The basic discovery the scientists made - that the well designed opioid can go strictly to the cause of the pain and skip all those other opioid receptors in the brain, stomach, gut and Central Nervous System - is HUGE in that other known pain killers can now be crafted to go to just the "insult," be it a long surgery slice, a crushed ankle or a grinding cancer. A pain killer that works and doesn't beat you up with side effects... now there is a wonderful new drug.

Dadgummit, that's big news.  Maybe the light coverage it has received is because this breakthrough came on German soil by German scientists. Lucky for us, one of the team immigrated to the U.S. Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis. 

Read this. Tell me if you're seeing the story in the MSM. Heaven knows I can't watch it all.
Or if you love highly technical biochemistry, and have a subscription to Science Magazine, have at it.

This is not only good news, it is GREAT news.

Now, back to the news news. Sigh.


Anonymous said…
There's nothing at that link. Blank page.

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