Another Slap on Your Insecure Posterior

Checking Your Credit Card Bills Diligently?

I'm sure you've read about the 243,000 names, e-mail addresses and credit card numbers gone missing on the stolen Ernst & Young laptop? (Check the Seattle Post-Intelligencer site.)

Of course there was another delay in notifying us that our IDs were floating around crimesville.

Ernst & Young "deeply regrets..." etc. and if you get proactive - call a toll free number, etc. - Ernst & Young will let you "enroll" in a free credit monitoring service to be aware of when you start getting ripped off.

MAIN ISSUE: If some ID thief spends some of your credit, will E & Y "regret" enough to assume responsibility? Or how about the credit entity that lets some scuzzbag falsely use your credentials by not carefully checking to see if it's really you? Will they eat the loss?

Hello, Washington.... hello state governments... it's time to write legislation that makes the banks and credit card companies responsible for ascertaining identity before they dish out the currency.

And the next times you use your credit card and the clerks asks for some ID, thank them!


Candy Islander said…
Ha! Yes, I know this is an old post, but I just read it...
Funny thing, I wrote "Please ask for ID" in the signature place on the back of my credit card...and not once to this date as a clerk even read it... AND now we have these chips in our cards, so even that goes out the window!

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