MAX is back!

The “net neutrality” debate is a big deal. It probably affects all of our lives, especially if we are shareholders in certain companies, either telecom, cable or net companies. And maybe if we are just every day users of the Net.

Since it’s clearly a GIANT vs. GIANT debate, I have some trouble taking it too seriously. So stand by for a completely trivial observation. Tonight on The News Hour, PBS’s big nameplate, the spokesman for the Google, Yahoo, “big net” side was PAUL MISENER, Vice President for Global Public Policy,,

Here’s the news. Mr. Misener is a dead ringer for Max Headroom! He’s a good talker and a smart guy, holding up his side’s side really well. But he looks like MAX HEADROOM. What can I say? Is this perfect? Based on this and this alone, I am on the side of the mega-web sites in this argument.

Max Headroom

Am I right? Is this Kismet? How can anyone still be on the side of the telcos and cablecos?

Misener can be seen at:

Max is at

I’ll get back to righteous indignation tomorrow… or some day soon


Anonymous said…
give misener a little time to lose that rug on his head and the truth will be revealed in full

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