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A Breed Apart

A friend recently asked me about Airedales. My response was so succinct, I think I'll share it.

Airedales are big (70-90 pounds), curly-coated lovebugs. They were bred originally in Great Britain to catch the various critters in the granaries and on the docks. So they are “self-directed” hunters, i.e. hard to train as pointers, sitters, etc. But, man, can they catch squirrels, chipmunks, and the like. They are very people-centered, loyal and affectionate. Every one of them I’ve met would like to be a lap dog, even at 80 pounds. Oooof.

Jake & Friend

If smitten with Airedale need, check out the Southwest Airedale Rescue site. Read a warm, mushy true Airedale saga right here.


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