Small Inventions Make Me Happy

The Shower Curtain Wonder

I don't really like shower curtains. They are forever sticking to my shoulder or my rump and feeling totally icky in the process. Especially in hotels. Who knows whose shoulders and rumps have left their spore on that slimy plastic?

Someone read my mind.

Can you tell how this shower curtain is bowing out? At shoulder and rump level, it's a good three inches outside the edge of the tub, completely out of the way!

That bowed piece of metal at the top, a shower curtain rod for the 21st century, holds the curtain well away from contact. It's all made possible by the simplest technology.

A small block of aluminum with a slot for the bar. Made in Taiwan, surprise!

The modest traveler's hotel Days Inn in Glendale, CA has these. Maybe the whole chain has them by now. My personal thanks to the genius who thought this was worth doing. I'm now a loyal customer because of it.


Anonymous said…
Great stuff! My problem is that the curtain bar has to be fixed closer to the wall than that of the edge of the bath. This thing could help heaps.

Good for you to bring it to the blogger's attention. :D

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