Fox Business Channel - True Colors

No Delay in Getting Right

I love CNBC for its energy, humor, expertise and credible reporters.

I love Bloomberg TV for its straight-ahead, no-whooshes production plus expertise and credible reporters.

I gave Fox Business News a chance, sampling it maybe 20 times since it went on, even with my great distaste for Fox News. So far, no love.

Why I don't love it: It feels smarmy to me. (Maybe all those blonds?). "Happy Hour" is ridiculous - especially up against Fast Money on CNBC. And CNBC's Larry Kudlow is a better fiscal conservative than anybody on Fox.

But wait! There's more I don't love. Yesterday afternoon, Cutesy Cavuto wanted some "expert" commentary on the bipartisan move in Congress ( The bill passed 291 to 127, with support from 64 House Republicans) to clamp down on predatory lending practices. Who did he get? Tom Delay no less, who promptly said it was Democrats trying to ruin a "great market system" that had put "millions of deserving Americans into home ownership." Typical DeLay. Nevermind "bipartisan." Nevermind "predatory." Just keep smiling, Tom.

The last person on earth I want financial commentary from


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