It's Not a "War" on Drugs [UPDATED]...& Should They Be Legal?

What, ME Libertarian?

Want to see a powerful piece on "The War on Drugs?" Dennis McCuistion's Public TV Talker puts this "war's" feet to the fire.

As much as I lean more Liberal than Libertarian, I found myself saying a few amens to this session. Criticizing the WOD is a political hot potato too scary for most elected types to even consider, but it is a massive boondoggle that deserves some serious revamping. (Great comment from an audience member: "There's no "War on Tobacco" and smoking is down from 65% to 21% of the American population. Drug use is up." What's wrong with that picture?

And later this week, the show tackles "Should Illegal Drugs Be Legal?" Whooee, baby. Those Libertarians are wild. [UPDATE: OK, here is the next show. Good stuff.]


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