Big Biz Busts John Edwards

Where Has John Gone?

Have you noticed a sudden drop in the amount of coverage in the "mainstream media" of John Edwards? To the casual viewer it looks like the Democratic nomination contest has become strictly Obama vs. Clinton.

The populist theory about the Populist Candidate is that he has stepped over the line in his criticism of "Big Business, the corporations that own and control most of Congress these days." So sayeth John Edwards, loud, clear and long. So those corporations - which own a lion's share of the mainstream media - have just sent down the word to their media minions to start ignoring him.


Now we read that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is going to raise another $60 million specifically to fight any populist, "anti-business" candidates for President. Guess who has top billing in that fight? Here's the way the match-up looks:

John Edwards, Populist /// Thomas Donahue, Pres U.S. C of C

Under Donahue, the U.S. Chamber has become a Republican Tool, fighting tooth and nail against anything pro-consumer, pro-environment or pro-civil rights. (In another Orwellian distortion of the English language, all these have been re-labeled "anti-business.")

So raise heck with your favorite mainstream medium. John Edwards is being disappeared from their screens and pages, and it just ain't right.


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