Water -- Some Good News!

Making Liquid Gold

Back in October, this blogster offered the BIG FOUR solution package for the pending water crisis. (Put your hand on a water faucet and believe... because it's true and maybe the scariest result of coming climate change.) In short, those four solutions are: 1. Drip irrigation on a huge scale for agriculture. 2. A national pipeline system for redistributing flood water. 3. Catch and store every drop of rainwater that hits our roofs. 4. Desalination of sea water on a huge scale.

This week in the Wall Street Journal was a great article about the technological and financial progress toward large scale desalination. Not "huge" yet, but promising. I like their graphic.
(You might conclude this plant is run on pure solar power - it's not, but it should be... plus wind, geothermal and, heck, I'll say it, nuclear*. Anything but hydrocarbon energy.)

Ring our sea-to-shining-sea country with bigger and better desalination plants, (sequestering the salt of course) and immunize the U.S.A. against the curse of the coming super drought.

Not to mention BIG BUCK$ for our economy. If we build bigger and better desalination technology, they will come, bearing billion$. I can also see a giant fleet of water supertankers, carrying precious fresh water to the world's thirsty and parched. Fresh water will eventually become more valuable than oil. Write that down somewhere.

*If there was ever an issue that should bring compromises
from all sides of the environmental battles, it's water.
Nothing will be so destructive to humanity as water shortages.


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