How Long Does It Take to Recognise a Mistake?

... Or "Who's more important, corn farmers or the rest of us?"

Now that it is perfectly clear that using food (corn in our case) to make fuel doesn't do anything good it was supposed to do, you would think Congress would hustle to undo the damage it is doing. Do you suppose?

It's not helping the environment, it is hurting it.
It's not freeing us from our dependence on foreign oil.
It is contributing to the scarcity of and the rising prices for food.
It is making big, rich agribiz companies even richer and making small farmers even poorer.
It's forcing people with reservations about genetically modified food to throw in the towel because of desperate hunger.
It is eating up tax dollars that could be doing a lot more good elsewhere.

Well, Congress (no use even talking to the Bushies), there you have it. Time to undo the damage done by wrong assumptions and too-quick response to lobbyists, no? Kill those ethanol mandates. Stop those ethanol subsidies. Put your minds and our money onto solutions to the energy/environmental problems that will actually work. It really shouldn't take this long.

Hey, Gentle Reader, write your Congressperson. Raise a little heck.


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