Obama vs Clinton SOLVED

Such a Simple Solution

(Attn: Howard Dean)

Barrack and Hillary, listen up. Here's the plan. Each of you start ignoring the other - in your speeches, your ads and the comments from your "aids."

Each of you focus your attention strictly on McCain. Oh, and the calamities of the W administration.

At the end of every day, all of us Dems will score you in our minds about how effectively you are at running the General Election Race. Perhaps some pollsters will start asking how our scores are going.

Not only is the vicious infighting abandoned, the primary battle becomes the dress rehearsal for the General and all the firepower is aimed at the Republicans instead of at other Democrats. What a concept!

The final benefit is that whoever loses this titanic battle for the Democratic nomination has a totally face-saving way to back down, wreathed in honor and humility - all for the greater good and with enough good will in the party left over to run again another day.


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