3-D Without Glasses

Cross-eyed Version

3-D without glasses is for "eye-wallers" and "eye-crossers."

Eye-wallers are people who can easily relax their eyes into 'the distance' and see the 3-D Magic Eye stereograms in the comics pages.

Eye-crossers are people with good control over crossing their eyes (a skill typically learned in grade school)

Either works fine, just so the L & R pictures are on the correct sides.

Here's an "eye-crosser."

"Eye-Crossers" Version. [Slowly cross your eyes until images merge. Didn't see the hole* in the woodpile before you 3-D'd, did you?]

I'll have an "Eye-waller" up soon.

* Made by our Airedales, seeking varmits hiding in the woodpile.


Anonymous said…
Wow. I actually did see three-dee! I saw tyhe woodppile and the triangular hole. And I have not heard of 3-D in comic books until now. Thanks...

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