Telecom Immunity with Impunity


[I have been too aghast and what Congress (even Obama!) did with the FISA bill "compromise" to write anything. Low and behold, a Guy very close to me just sent me a couple of paragraphs that catch my outrage perfectly. It even has an upbeat note in it.]

"I am continually appalled at how even the Democrats are caving on Telecom immunity and allowing agencies to submit large lists of people by group or affiliation for wire tapping, email tapping and so on, without individual merits for each case. It seems like daily even the Democrats are pushing for a Nazi SS-like levels of monitoring into all of our lives. It is so far from the idea of defending the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights and the idea that we live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Instead they are using propaganda and scare tactics and hyperbole to make us the land of the terrified and the home of the government enslaved.

I am intended to remain in good spirits about this to the best of my ability despite the continuing ignorance and folly of our so called civil servants, who act more like masters over their slaves with the chain now largely being indebtedness and wire tapping anyone they want anytime. Members of the "Clean Golf Course Community" will be able to be swept into one group for FISA wiretapping approval if even one member is suspected of anything that officials think may be a national security issue. And don't give a cow or goat through the Heifer program because you might accidentally be feeding an enemy combatant and be swept up into a group signed off by the FISA court."

Thanks, I feel better now with that off my (your) chest.


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