Ruled By The Right

"Message Control" a Super Weapon of the Right

Americans aren't nuts. We actually know what the important stuff is, even though we are bludgeoned with talking points - all carefully orchestrated by the Selfish Rich (see the next post below).

Proof that we are not crazy? Try this:

Now you know I'm a survey maven, no? This is well designed, well executed public opinion polling. There is a very high probability that it represents how Americans actually think. But would you guess that from what Congress is up to? No, not Congress, the crazed Right Wing Nuts in Congress and the corporate media that echos their brain farts. Our agenda is being set by a small minority of well-organized loudmouths riding an ideological broomstick.

JOBS and THE HEALTH OF OUR ECONOMY are the real issues. The current madness of Slash Slash Slash into the humanitarian side of government spending, and Give Give Give to the richest is, well... madness!

Even Genuine Conservative David Brooks takes the current crop of Repubs to task, mainly for being ineffectual, putting anti-Obama politics above save-our-country governing or even accomplishing what they claim to believe in. But I like best what he says about Righty Talk Radio:

"The Big Government Blowhards. The talk-radio jocks are not in the business of promoting conservative governance. They are in the business of building an audience by stroking the pleasure centers of their listeners.

They mostly give pseudo Crispin’s Day speeches to battalions of the like-minded from the safety of the conservative ghetto. To keep audience share, they need to portray politics as a cataclysmic, Manichaean struggle. A series of compromises that steadily advance conservative aims would muddy their story lines and be death to their ratings." Well said, David.

SOOO... If we are not nuts, why don't we harass our elected reps in Congress to get a grip on reality and what the country really needs - and wants - and ignore the ignoramuses? Close those tax loopholes; collect those avoided taxes; kill the Bushtaxcutsfortherich (a new dirty word)!

Then, make the cuts needed on wasteful, ineffectual, outdated and stupid programs. And spend some of the saved/earned money on creating good jobs.

I feel better now.


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