"Think Tank" Corrupters

They Own Your Mind

You think your are thinking straight? Probably not. Because THEY have control of your mind...da DUM!!!

I've been telling anyone who will listen about the "right wing think tank threat," but this fine lady says it best.

"The US main stream media is owned by maybe half a dozen large corporations. They all rely on advertising revenue from other large corporations for their existence. This means that these corporate advertisers control the message."

You're not telling me anything I haven't known for years, but that's only part of it. Along with corporate interests there is a huge infrastructure of "think tanks" set up by wealthy family trusts -- the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, the Scaife foundations, the John M. Olin, Joseph Coors, Charles Koch, etc., foundations -- that actually generate fake data to feed to news media to keep people confused. This is in collusion with Big Oil, Big Pharma, and other monied interests. I'm talking about groups like the Heritage Foundation, the Hoover Institute, the American Enterprise Institute -- there are hundreds of them, and these are spinning off thousands of "astroturf" organizations, but they are all funded and controlled by a relative small group of extremely wealthy people. Sourcewatch.org is a good source of information on all this.

The think tanks generate arguments and talking points that end up in politicians' speeches and news stories. People with impressive credentials are well paid to present these arguments, even if they are nonsense. Often experts from several think tanks produce similar arguments and data, and they appear to be working independently when in fact they're all on the same payrolls. A lot of the "pundits" who show up all the time on the cable television news shows are being financially supported by the family trusts, so they say what they're supposed to say.

And news media have been cowed into letting these people present nonsense to the public without correction, even when what they are saying is demonstrably untrue. Unless they have a lot of time to check out stories for themselves, people have no way to know who in news media is lying and who isn't.

Most Americans are not crazy, really, but they can't make sensible decisions without factual information. What most Americans are hearing from news media is a screaming wall of nonsense.

She is Barbara O'Brien from New York and this was a comment to an article in the London Guardian on-line. Here 'tis.

Well said, Barbara, and I believe, completely true.

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