Blog Performance Update


Ye who actually blog know you get "performance" data on how many page views you get, and where they are from.

Here is one of Google's Blogspot reports on how this venerable olde thang is doing on the world blog market. SeniorJunior is now at 72,818 page views, and here is where they originate:  The darker the green, the more the viewing. The concentration of views from Russia is downright amazing to me. The complete lack of sampling from the British Isles is depressing, but hey....


Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

Wouldn't it be weird if ... aw, forget it.

Postscript Mar 31, 2017:  I just can't forget it... Almost certainly all those Russian "page views" were hacking probes. Since 2/3s of all of them are from Linux operating systems, and Linux actually accounts for maybe 3% of all operation systems, it must be those badass hackers. I hope their bots are enjoying themselves.


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