We Are The Planet Killer

Contrasts in Minds

Burtynsky* set out bread and cheese, salad, and olives on a hardwood table. “What took out the dinosaurs was a meteor impact,” he said. “We, the human species, are now that impact. Humans are shifting the balance of the planet, and the choice rests within us to destroy it all, or not. It’s a huge, complex thing to solve. We are a predator species run amok.”

He's discussing the Anthropocene, that new geological age (like the Pliestocene or the Jurassic) that started when humans started impacting the world in a way that will leave a geologic imprint.

Trump**, opinionating on global warming: "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive."

He's discussing Heaven Knows What, or more specifically some of the crazy stuff he believes.

*Burtynsky is the epic photographer (he shoots epic scenes), quoted in The New Yorker, an epic magazine.

**Trump, can you believe it, our President Elect.

Pix credits: thth


Duff said…
This must explain why China's level of fossil fuel pollution is about as healthy as a gas chamber, which I believe Trump would like to bring back for any citizens not conforming to his vision for the 4th Reich.

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