The Normal Curve

Hallooooo, Statistics Fans!

Brethren and Sisteren of the Trump persuasion, we acknowledge your unique character, your commitment to your cause and your determination to stick with your Man through all sorts of powerful evidence that he has conned you totally, lied to you about important stuff and doesn't give a poop about you as actual people. Clearly he loves you when you scream for him and vote for him, so you do.

[Trumpsters during a slow moment at the Big Rally]

After years (and years) of doing market research of various kinds, I came to believe that nearly every human characteristic is distributed among us in keeping with the "bell curve," seen below. The divisions (segments between dotted lines) are standard deviations, found with a statistical formula.

The most famous bell curve is for IQ, intelligence quotient. 100 is the mean (and the median), fifteen IQ points is the standard deviation. IQ's from 85 to 115 make up the bulk of Americans, 68.26% of us fall in that range. 95.44% of us fall between 60 and 130. The "outliers" with IQs below 60 and above 130 are just a tiny 4.54% combined.
I.Q. Distribution
                                                      60               85              100              115              130

I am NOT suggesting anything about the IQ of Trump supporters. Oh, I admit, the folks in the picture above don't look like the brightest bulbs in the candelabra, but you can't tell IQ by appearance (Energy Secretary Rick Perry believes certain types of glasses make you look smarter, but....)

So I encourage you to look carefully at each person in this Trump crowd and draw your own conclusions.  My guess is that the bald guy with his head down has the highest IQ and the guy to his left - the one apparently plucking a little snuff - has the lowest.
Just guessing.

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