What the??.......


                    I have scrupulously avoided putting in pix of moi on this blog.
                          I say if you are going to break precedent, SMASH it!

                                                        Six of Scooter*

      Vain of me, for sure. But I have such cute hats, I simply must  show off
        my millinery.**
        And of course, my collection of Tees.

But seriously, folks....  This is another blatant plug for my crazed
YouTube "channel."
(Steam Calliope Music here)  See the funny hats!
                                               Play along with the exciting game!
                                               Hear deranged commentaries!
                                               Put reality aside, and...
                                               Come on inside!

                            S P I D E R  &  O L D E   S C O O T E R 

                            Click it and grasp the safety bar firmly.

[Some "editions" of the game]
The Hatless edition
The Speechwriting edition
4th of July edition
The Post Party edition
Good Glasses edition
The World's Going to Heck edition
The Self Love Edition
Baby Bird Saga edition
The Democratic Platform, ala Olde Scooter
The News Is Too Painful to Talk About edition
"Fake Tan" Edition
The Day Before Soltice
And Now... Introducing Ms. MIZ!
Watermelon Sounds Edition
...And many, many more...

*...and his hats.
** ...for guys


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