Prescription Meds Cost - You Lose, 96-to-1!

 ...At the Ratio of:

Drug Price Increases              Drug Price Cuts
    96                              1  
(Just in 2018)
You should have bought your meds last week.

And That's an Improvement? (Several news stories have suggested it is.)

An Associated Press investigation — published here — which indicated that although there were 96 price hikes for every price cut, the number and size of hikes decreased in the first seven months of 2018.

Oh, that kind of improvement (things are getting worse at a slower pace)

So you can see why some of us are feeling cynical because of headlines like this:

Drug prices rise as pharma profit soars*

No Pain, No Gain... As in no pain for big pharma. 
Even the high profile (on purpose) cuts have cost Pharma almost nothing.  Bloomberg

It's no secret, everybody not in Big Pharma is outraged by this most recent profit piracy. Even President Trump (watches every penny) said he would "do something about this," leading to headlines like:

Trump’s Drug Price Bust

... in The Wall Street Journal.

Every time I pay my prescription bills, I feel like a (not this) little kid.
Hi, My name's Wee Donny Tee

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