I Guess I'm Getting Radicalized

Two Thangs,

1. I am now DEFINITELY for the elimination of private health insurance companies. The good old "American Way" of profit-driven health insurance just ain't working, folks, for anybody but those companies, their executives and stockholders. The rest of us are getting regularly screwed, and the country is way worse off for it. When you hear "single payer," that's what they are talking about. The "single" part is a government insurance program that you purchase for a fair, non-profit price. The "payer" part means the bills actually get paid. No delays, no disqualifications, no cancellations, none of the bs the private insurance companies do every day.

Here is a great article (and lots of great responses) on just how bad it really is.

2. Dennis Kucinich continues to be a hero of mine. He's got the guts to keep the impeachment of W on the table. To ignore his persistence is getting harder and harder for the "off the table" Dems. As this piece in the Washington Post notes:

Democratic leaders view the notion of impeaching George W. Bush as an act of political suicide for their party. But Kucinich says "there are some things that yield to reason, and there are other things that yield to politics...I cannot understand what the political reason would be to not impeach Bush."

...Or check this in "TruthOut."



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