The Ignorant & The Credulous

Propaganda for the lame minded

"ANWR Is Such an Ugly Piece of Wasteland There's No Reason Not To Let The Oil Companies Completely Screw It Up"

So since the "Eco Nazis" misrepresent how ANWR really looks (ugly!) we should dismiss what they say about the environmental disaster drilling would cause and GET THOSE RIGS UP THERE PRONTO!! (And get our gasoline prices down, equally pronto.)

That was the essence of the misleading, misquided piece o' drek that was forwarded to me.

I looked at the pictures and read the idiotic text. My response:

The coastal plains of ANWR: I never saw a more fragile, important ecosystem in my life. "Barren Wasteland" indeed. The author of that stupidity is obviously massively ignorant of anything about how nature works. Portraying the coastal plains of northern Alaska as "ugly" and not worth saving is exactly like saying the "Everglades are evil," and look what that got us.

ANWR is one of those natural repositories of species - and their babies - and nature's filter system. To want to drill there is emblematic of our short thinking and our greed. The Oilers like it because they think it might be a little cheaper to find an oil pool there than in any of the 68,000,000 acres of leases they hold on non-sensitive land. (Have you heard them huff & puff like old dowagers accused of shoplifting when asked about that?) It's also a matter of "principle" to guys like Dickie Cheney that "We, by Gawd, can drill any goddam place we want to."

And there's the prissy way anybody interested in holding this planet intact is a "Greenie" or an "EcoNazi," etc. All so we can drive oversized, gas
guzzling, road crunching mega machines. And, of course, "The liberals are lying to you" that that's not a good thing.

My position on that kind of stuff - along with "Obama is a one man terrorist cell, not eligible for the Prezidenzy and Muslim to boot" - is the "low hanging fruit for the ignorant and credulous" That old normal curve of intelligence reminds us that 50% are on the low side of average, some WAY low.

Here's why this kind of B.S. keeps getting sent to "everyone you know, so they will know the truth."

[A snooty, arrogant, condescending theory]

THUS .... If you know someone in the "Ignorant & Credulous" category, try to get them to see facts and truth and common sense by using different communications techniques. Nursery rhymes? Hand puppets? Start with a couple 'shots of bourbon & a beer?

See? Snooty, arrogant and condescending. Somebody's gotta do it.


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