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Note to Neighbors

Remember I'm a four-cistern guy? Read all about it here.

Anyway, here is sort of an update on that "cistern" story written about this time in '06. It's in the form of a "Discussion" entry on a new, trial-balloon neighborhood community website.

Big lesson on water usage: We have four sisterns draining our metal roofs on house, garage and dog kennel; two 1600 galloners, one 1200 gals and one 600 gals (the kennel). We drip irrigate two vegetable plots, one 30' X 5' and one 15' X 3'. We water an hour a day during these early-growth days. We use about 150 gallons per watering. We also water our "courtyard" of flowers and trees, fenced off from our herd of big Airedales. About 100 gals a day\

Figger it out. That's about twenty day's worth. We are almost out of water and the Monsoons aren't here yet. I hate to use well water in respect of our challenged aquifers, but drip is the most efficient use of water, and I intend to keep that garden going.

I am working on a plan to add at least one more 1600 gallon tank - maybe two. I hate it in the rainy season when I see all my sisterns running over when I could be capturing up to 13 days more irrigating from the skies.

Perhaps you know about (Neighbor)'s above-ground swimming pool cistern. Many gallons! And the (Neighbors) have four 1600 gal sisterns, two from the roof and two full of backup well water.

Is anybody else on this august web site doing sisterns? Any hot tips?
Any operational and legal gray water systems?

And that's the latest from the Cisternhood.


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