The News Keeps Getting More Frightening

Without the Little Guys, 
The Big Guys Will Crash

More Super Scary News You Probably Don’t Know About

Let it be noted we humans are “the BIG guys.” The little guys we need to survive are: Insects  (tap here)(and here)- for pollination and a lot of other eco-services; tiny plants - for  ground cover and the land food chain; plankton for the ocean food chain…
And tiniest and maybe most basic: good MICROBES* for digesting our food, fighting off bad microbes plus helping us develop properly. 

 In the “develop properly” category, how about the avoidance of obesity, diabetes, IBS, asthma and general allergies? (plus probably even more.) Check this

The BIG news is about the stunning decline in the tinniest guys, 
You need us, and we need you!

“Preserving microbial diversity” in Science Magazine reads like the first chapter in an apocalypse novel. Microbes that have co-evolved with humans since long before we even became people are vital to our good health. We’ve been wiping them out, hand over tea kettle, ever since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Some are so close to extinction, we are going to need “microbe banks” just like the seed banks for replanting when something goes extinct. 

Now that’s SCARY if you ask me.

*Bacteria, archaea, viruses, fungi and other microeukaryotic colonizers living in or on our bodies. About 300 trillion on thee and me.


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