A Conservative I Could Get Along With

The Frumster

Some of my best friends are Republicans. Seriously. However, only a tiny fraction are ultra-right-wingers. (Note the restraint. I did not say "wingnuts," which I think reflects the poison in our polarization.)

For the record, I think two strong parties with opposing, well-defined ideas for solving our problems and facilitating The Pursuit of Happiness, Justice for All, etc, is the way it oughta be here in the U.S.A.

However, the collapse of the current Republican Party into internecine warfare between the Tea Partiers and the Big Tenters is NOT helping the Repubs define their ideas for solutions and facilitations.

David Frum, ex-W guy and author of "Comeback; Conservatism That Can Win Again," vividly spells out the problem with the Tea Party approach; NO SOLUTIONS. Check it out.

So I say (in awe of myself for my open mindedness) that if David Frum suddenly replaced Sen Jim DeMint/Michael Steele as the main conservative thinker, I might put some of my virulent polarization back in its black box and restart judging candidates by their positions on issues. What a concept!


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