Oh, Those Dogs

Those Blasted Blue Dogs

Don't I remember a lot of media noise during the 2006 Democratic take-back of Congress about how one way they did it was to nominate appropriate candidates in normally red districts and states who could ride the wave of Bush nausea and beat the incumbent Republicans?

And what amounted to "appropriate?" Why conservative Dems, of course. What a concept!

Now, what do I get on the e-mail machine? "Let's Beat the BlueDogs - and Blanche Lincoln!"

This apparent rethinking of the 2006 strategy comes from http://www.actblue.com/page/democratscom.

That's the "Progressive Wing" of the Dems. I hear no contradiction from the center of the Dems, where ever that is. (Kerry? Bingaman?)

Ah, well. I'm just finishing a book about Harry Truman (more later on that), and I'm reminded that politics is a mysterious art.

Picture credit: Michele Spiziri here.


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