Vertical Farming

Running Out of Water, Land and Trees

Gotta love this:
Now THAT's a farm! Check it out. And this baby produces food 24/7/365, using a tiny percentage of the water the same production would use in flat farming. (Still Sci-Fi, btw.)

On a smaller scale there is Valcent. (Full disclosure: I bought some penny shares in Valcent.)

And further pumping up my Sci-Fi sense, when we master farming vertically, we will be ready to grow greens on the moon and Mars. Gotta have your greens, SpaceBusters.

Look ahead; behind is a mess.


Guy F. said…
I like this vertical farming. While the short term viability or adoption is not a straight up and down call, the technology and its future seems to be.

Since we have similiar names, I thought you might post a link to my blog as well.

F. Duffminster
Canada Guy said…
Vertical farming is really a joke proposal. It would require massive amounts of energy to build a vertical farm, and even the daily operation would use more energy than you would save from transporting food shorter distances. This means a vertical farm would generate large amount of net carbon and contribute to global warming. It would also be much less resilient in the face of energy shortages or peak oil. However, that's not to say that growing more food in urban areas isn't a good idea. Growing food on lawns and building community gardens are both great idea.
Knox Herrington (the video artist) said…
I wrote a paper on these, great idea. Portland just recently decided to utilize some old building to create something similar, but not as evolved.

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