Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Create These Jobs, Oh Government o'Mine

I hear from the right (a lot), "The government create jobs? Riiight." Like that is impossible. Well how about fixing some pure government stuff, like this:

As Sewers Fill, Waste Poisons Waterways

Yuck! This N.Y. Times headline spun me around a few times. Let's face it, sewer systems are mosdef government thangs. So fix them! Expand them! Hire a bunch of people ("create jobs"), buy lots of concrete and steel (American, of course, creating jobs), buy mucho equipment (from American manufacturers, creating jobs), and get underway right away, PLEASE.

How many jobs would be created? I'm guessing tens of thousands, but I am but a blogger, bud, so I really don't know. However, this paragraph from the Times article makes it sound reasonable:

"In the last three years alone, more than 9,400 of the nation’s 25,000 sewage systems — including those in major cities — have reported violating the law by dumping untreated or partly treated human waste, chemicals and other hazardous materials into rivers and lakes and elsewhere, according to data from state environmental agencies and the Environmental Protection Agency. "

...And even more jobs ideas in the next paragraph

"But fewer than one in five sewage systems that broke the law were ever fined or otherwise sanctioned by state or federal regulators, the Times analysis shows."

Obviously there is a need for a lot more inspectors and prosecutors.

All leading to not only a lot more jobs, but a lot fewer condoms, trash and turds in our dwindling supply of clean water. What a concept!

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