Hey (Fellow) White Folks!

Are We More Gullible?

As an addicted poll reader, I note that (some) polls say that white people are much less likely to say that the health care reform law will help them personally than say people of differing shades.

One question: Have you never run afoul of your insurance company? Would you like those parasites to still have the power to cancel your insurance when you need it most? Would you like to be unable to buy health insurance if you change - or worse, lose your job - because of a "pre-existing condition?" That happened to me, because I had (treatable, controlled) hypertension. Do you like your premiums going up at two or three times the rate of inflation? Blue Cross just popped my wife's premiums 29% - no recourse, no appeals, no changing insurance companies because she has a - guess what? - pre-existing condition! Do you like having to haggle with some insurance company clerk for legitimate claims? Do you oldies just love the "donut hole?" If you answered "yes" to all these, then I guess you are right; the new law won't help you personally.

More of us white folks have been screwed over by for-profit insurance companies than any other race or ethnic group. So why are we missing the point? Could it be that white folks are just more likely to believe lies from the likes of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Palin and Savage? Or could it be those (few, I'm just sure) racists in the Tea Party movement?

I dearly hope not.

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